Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun’s ‘The Matchmakers’ Faces Miscasting Controversy: Can They Overcome It?

Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun are the leads of KBS’ new historical rom-com ‘The Matchmakers’, but not everyone is happy with their casting. Some viewers have expressed their disappointment and criticism of Cho Yi Hyun’s portrayal of a young widow and matchmaker in Joseon. Will she be able to prove them wrong and win their hearts?

What is ‘The Matchmakers’ About?

‘The Matchmakers’ is a K-drama that follows the story of Shim Jung Woo (Rowoon) and Jung Soon Deok (Cho Yi Hyun), two young widows who team up to arrange marriages for other people in the Joseon era. Shim Jung Woo is a nobleman who lost his wife and child in a fire, while Jung Soon Deok is the second daughter-in-law of the Jwauijeong, the highest-ranking official in the land. She also leads a double life as Yeo Ju Deok, the best matchmaker and seller in Hanyang, the capital city.

(Photo : KBS Official Instagram) Rowoon

The drama is a mix of romance, comedy, and mystery, as the two main characters try to find love and happiness for themselves and others, while also uncovering the secrets behind their past tragedies. The drama also features a star-studded cast of supporting actors, such as Lee Ji Hoon, Kim Min Jae, Park Ji Hyun, and more.

Why is Cho Yi Hyun Facing Miscasting Controversy?

The drama premiered on October 30, and since then, some viewers have been voicing their dissatisfaction with Cho Yi Hyun’s acting and appearance. They claim that she does not suit the role of Jung Soon Deok, who is supposed to be a mature and experienced woman who has gone through a lot of hardships. They say that Cho Yi Hyun looks too young and innocent, and that her heavy makeup and colorful costumes do not match her character.

(Photo : KBS Drama Official) Cho Yi Hyun

Some of the comments from netizens are:

“She looks like a teenager playing dress-up. She has no charisma or presence as a matchmaker.” “She is too cute and bubbly for this role. She should stick to school dramas or something.” “She is ruining the chemistry with Rowoon. He looks like her older brother or uncle.”

This is unfortunate for Cho Yi Hyun, who is a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry. She has received praise for her previous roles in ‘All of Us Are Dead’ and ‘Hospital Playlist’, where she showed her versatility and talent. She is also known as a ‘monster rookie’ who has no scandals or controversies in her career.

How Can Cho Yi Hyun Overcome the Miscasting Controversy?

Cho Yi Hyun is not the first actress to face miscasting controversy in a K-drama. In fact, there are many examples of actors and actresses who have overcome the initial backlash and proved their critics wrong with their stellar performances. One of them is Ahn Eun Jin, who is currently starring in ‘My Dearest’, another KBS drama. She was initially criticized for her role as a cold and aloof lawyer, but as the drama progressed, she showed her character’s growth and depth, and won over the viewers with her acting skills.

(Photo : KBS Drama Official)Cho Yi Hyun

Cho Yi Hyun can do the same by focusing on her acting and delivering a convincing portrayal of Jung Soon Deok. She can also show her chemistry with Rowoon, who is a popular idol and actor, and has a large fan base. The two of them have already shown their compatibility in a magazine cover, where they looked like a sweet couple.

Moreover, Cho Yi Hyun can rely on the quality of the drama itself, which has a unique and interesting plot, a talented cast and crew, and a loyal fan following. The drama has achieved a decent rating of 4.5 percent for its first episode, which is a good sign for KBS, which has been struggling with its weekday drama lineup. If the drama can maintain or increase its ratings, it will be a success for both KBS and Cho Yi Hyun.

What Do You Think of ‘The Matchmakers’ and Cho Yi Hyun?

Have you watched ‘The Matchmakers’ yet? What are your thoughts on the drama and Cho Yi Hyun’s role? Do you think she is miscast or not? Share your opinions and comments below.

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