Ji Chang Wook Reveals His Struggles with Action Scenes and His Plans for Future Projects

Ji Chang Wook, one of the most popular and versatile actors in the Korean entertainment industry, has recently shared his thoughts on his past and upcoming works. The 36-year-old star, who is known for his roles in action, romance, and comedy genres, has opened up about his challenges, motivations, and aspirations as an actor.

‘The Worst of Evil’: A Noir Thriller with Intense Action

Ji Chang Wook’s latest K-drama, “The Worst of Evil,” which aired its final episode on October 29, 2023, was a noir thriller that depicted the dark and dangerous world of Gangnam’s underworld. Ji Chang Wook played Park Joon Mo, an undercover agent who infiltrated a notorious gang led by Jung Ki Chul (Wi Ha Joon)

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The drama was praised for its gripping plot, realistic action scenes, and stellar performances by the cast. Ji Chang Wook, in particular, impressed the viewers with his charismatic and nuanced portrayal of Park Joon Mo, who had to balance his loyalty to his mission and his sympathy for the gang members.

In an interview with Star News, Ji Chang Wook revealed what attracted him to join “The Worst of Evil.” He said that he was curious about the noir genre, which he had never tried before. He also trusted the directors, Park Geun Beom and Han Dong Wook, who had worked on acclaimed crime dramas such as “Signal” and “Stranger.”

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However, he also admitted that he had some worries about working with senior actors such as Wi Ha Joon, Kim Ji Hoon, and Kim Sung Kyun. He said that he wondered if he could show his depth as an actor and match their skills.

I was worried about whether we would be able to show our depth, but at some point I stopped doubting it. We had our own atmosphere and my teammates helped me, so I believed that our own colors would definitely come out.

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 Ji Chang Wook also said that he enjoyed filming with his co-stars, especially the action scenes. He said that he felt a sense of accomplishment after completing the intense and difficult stunts. He also praised Wi Ha Joon for his dedication and professionalism.

He is a very passionate actor who always tries to do his best. He is also very considerate of others and has a good sense of humor. We became close friends while filming.

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‘The K2’: A Painful Memory for Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is no stranger to action scenes. He has starred in several action-packed dramas such as “Healer,” “Suspicious Partner,” and “Backstreet Rookie.” However, he said that there was one drama that left him with a painful memory: “The K2.”

“The K2,” which aired in 2016, was an action-crime drama that featured Ji Chang Wook as Kim Je Ha, a former mercenary who became a bodyguard for a presidential candidate’s wife. The drama showcased Ji Chang Wook’s impressive martial arts skills and physical abilities.

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However, Ji Chang Wook confessed that he suffered a lot while filming “The K2.” He said that he had many injuries and hardships due to the numerous action scenes. He also said that he had difficulty maintaining the tension and character development throughout the series.

Actually, after the work ‘THE K2’, I had many painful and difficult memories as there were many action scenes. It was physically difficult, but because it was a series, the overall flow of the story, the character build-up, and maintaining tension were difficult.

He added that he promised himself not to take on any more action roles after “The K2.” However, he broke his promise when he accepted “The Worst of Evil.” He said that he was drawn to the story and the genre of the drama.

I thought it would be fun to try something new. I also wanted to challenge myself as an actor.

‘Welcome to Samdalri’: A Feel-Good Romance Drama

After showing his dark and serious side in “The Worst of Evil,” Ji Chang Wook is ready to switch gears and show his lighter and brighter side in his next K-drama, “Welcome to Samdalri.”

“Welcome to Samdalri” is a romance-life drama that follows the lives of four people who move to a small village called Samdalri. Ji Chang Wook plays Lee Seung Hyun, a successful lawyer who decides to quit his job and start a new life in Samdalri. There, he meets Choi Soo Jin (Kim Yoo Jung), a cheerful florist who runs a flower shop.

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Ji Chang Wook said that he chose “Welcome to Samdalri” because he wanted to do something different from his previous works. He said that he wanted to show a more relaxed and natural side of himself.

It would be more feel-good and lively compared to ‘The Worst of Evil.’ I think it will be a healing drama for the viewers and myself.

He also said that he was looking forward to working with Kim Yoo Jung, who is one of the most popular and talented young actresses in Korea. He said that he had seen her works and was impressed by her acting skills.

She is very charming and expressive. I think we will have good chemistry.

“Welcome to Samdalri” is scheduled to air in December 2023 on Netflix.

‘Revolver’ and ‘Queen Woo’: Two More Projects in 2024

Ji Chang Wook is not slowing down anytime soon. He has two more projects lined up for 2024: a movie and a drama.

The movie is called “Revolver,” and it is a crime-action film that revolves around a mysterious gun that can change the fate of anyone who uses it. Ji Chang Wook plays Kang Woo Jin, a detective who gets involved in a series of murders related to the gun.

The drama is called “Queen Woo,” and it is a historical-fantasy drama that tells the story of Queen Woo, the first female ruler of Korea. Ji Chang Wook plays King Jin Heung, the husband of Queen Woo, who supports her in her quest to unify the three kingdoms.

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Ji Chang Wook said that he was excited to work on these two projects, as they were both different from his previous works. He said that he was attracted to the scripts, which were full of twists and surprises.

As I read the scripts, I kept wanting to work. They are both very interesting and unique stories.

He also said that he was eager to challenge himself as an actor and show his versatility. He said that he wanted to try various genres and characters, and not limit himself to one style or image.

I want to keep changing and growing as an actor. I want to show different sides of myself to the viewers.

Ji Chang Wook is undoubtedly one of the most hardworking and talented actors in Korea. He has proven his skills and charisma in various fields, such as action, romance, comedy, musicals, and more. He has also gained a loyal fan base all over the world, who support him in his endeavors.

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