THE BOYZ Eric’s ‘Thief’ Mix-Up in Japan: What Really Happened?

THE BOYZ Eric recently shared a hilarious story of how he was mistaken for a thief in Japan. The incident occurred when he tried to charge his phone at a convenience store, unaware of the cultural norms. Here’s what you need to know about his viral misadventure.

The K-Star Next Door

(Photo : Instagram @official_theboyz) THE BOYZ Eric
(Photo : Instagram @official_theboyz)

The story was revealed on the show “The K-Star Next Door,” hosted by Jonathan Thona. The show features K-pop idols who share their personal stories and experiences with the viewers. On the latest episode, THE BOYZ’s Younghoon, Eric, and Sunwoo were the guests.

The show had a twist: the idols had to answer random questions that popped up on the screen. Some of the questions were funny, some were serious, and some were downright unexpected. The idols had to be honest and candid about their answers, which led to some hilarious and surprising revelations.

The ‘Thief’ Incident

One of the questions that caught everyone’s attention was about Eric’s trip to Japan in January. The question accused him of “stealing electricity” from a convenience store. Eric was shocked and amused by the question, and explained what really happened.

Eric said that he and Juyeon went to a convenience store to buy a new battery for his phone, which had died. Juyeon suggested that they test the battery before leaving, so Eric plugged his phone into an outlet in the corner of the store. He thought nothing of it, until a man approached him and started talking to him in Japanese.

Eric couldn’t understand what the man was saying, so he used a translation app to communicate. To his horror, he found out that the man was accusing him of stealing electricity from the store, and threatened to call the police. Eric panicked and tried to explain that he was from Korea, and that he didn’t know it was wrong to use the outlet.

He apologized profusely and unplugged his phone, hoping to avoid any trouble. He said that he felt like a thief for a moment, even though he didn’t mean to do anything wrong.

The Cultural Difference

(Photo: Youtube| @Diggle)
(Photo: Youtube| @Diggle)

The other members of THE BOYZ chimed in and explained that using public outlets for personal devices is considered rude and inappropriate in Japan. They said that it’s a common cultural difference that foreigners might not be aware of. They said that there are designated charging stations in some places, where people can pay a small fee or use them for free.

Sunwoo added that it’s a part of Japanese etiquette and manners, and that they should respect it when they visit Japan. He said that they learned a valuable lesson from Eric’s experience, and that they would be more careful next time.

The Netizens’ Reactions

The episode went viral online, as netizens found Eric’s story hilarious and relatable. Many commented on how cute and innocent he was, and how they felt sorry for him. Some also shared their own stories of cultural misunderstandings or mishaps in Japan or other countries.

Here are some of the comments from netizens:

“Poor Eric, he must have been so scared. He’s so adorable though, I love his reaction.” “I can relate to this so much. I once used an outlet at a train station in Japan, and I got scolded by a staff member. I didn’t know it was rude either.” “This is why I love THE BOYZ. They’re so honest and funny, and they always have interesting stories to tell.” “I’m glad they resolved the situation peacefully. It could have been worse if the police got involved.” “This is a good reminder to learn about the culture and etiquette of the places you visit. It’s important to respect the differences and avoid any trouble.”

THE BOYZ Eric’s ‘thief’ mix-up in Japan was a hilarious and eye-opening story that showed the importance of cultural awareness and communication. It also showed how THE BOYZ are always willing to share their personal stories with their fans, even if they’re embarrassing or awkward.

What do you think of Eric’s story? Have you ever experienced something similar in another country? Let us know in the comments below!

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