SNSD Hyoyeon Reveals Her Surprising Fashion Choice During Her Off-Season: ‘I Wear the Same Outfit for Five Days’

SNSD Hyoyeon, the K-pop idol and singer-songwriter, has recently made headlines for her unexpected confession about her off-season fashion habits. The star, who is known for her stunning on-stage outfits and impeccable dance skills, admitted that she often wears the same clothes for up to five days when she is not promoting.

SNSD Hyoyeon’s Candid Interview on ‘Lee Eunji’s Gayo Plaza’

Hyoyeon, who has just released her new single “Picture,” appeared as a guest on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Lee Eunji’s Gayo Plaza’ on August 29 KST. During the radio show, she talked about various topics, including her latest song, her career, and her personal life.

One of the most interesting segments of the interview was when Hyoyeon discussed the difference between her on-season and off-season lifestyles. She revealed that she has a very contrasting attitude and behavior depending on whether she is actively promoting or taking a break.

She explained that when she is in her on-season mode, she is very sensitive and strict with herself. She sets high standards for her performance and strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of her work. She said:

(Photo : Twitter|@GirlsGeneration) SNSD Hyoyeon
(Photo : Twitter|@GirlsGeneration)
SNSD Hyoyeon

“While I’m actively promoting, I set extremely high performance standards for myself, which makes me quite sensitive. My commitment to delivering a stellar performance is unwavering.”

However, when she enters her off-season mode, she becomes more relaxed and laid-back. She prefers to stay at home and enjoy a simple and comfortable life. She also confessed that she does not care much about her fashion choices during this period. She said:

“However, once the off-season arrives, I’m just like any ordinary person – I even opt for the same outfit for as long as five days.”

Lee Eunji, the host of the show, commented that Hyoyeon’s off-season fashion strategy seems like a way of unwinding and recharging after a hectic schedule. Hyoyeon agreed and added:

“Absolutely. I prefer to keep a low profile, often staying indoors. It’s a complete homebody approach.”

Hyoyeon’s New Single ‘Picture’ and Her Artistic Evolution

(Photo : Nate)
(Photo : Nate)

Hyoyeon’s surprising confession about her off-season fashion habits has amused and intrigued many fans, who are used to seeing her in glamorous and stylish outfits on stage. The idol’s down-to-earth personality and honesty have also earned her praise and admiration from the public.

Hyoyeon has recently made a comeback with her new single “Picture,” which showcases her artistic versatility and evolution. The song is a fusion of electronic pop and R&B genres, featuring Hyoyeon’s distinctive vocals and emotional expression. The lyrics are about longing for someone who is no longer in one’s life.

(Photo : Nate)
(Photo : Nate)

The music video for “Picture” also highlights Hyoyeon’s impressive dance skills, which are one of her signature traits as an artist. The video shows Hyoyeon performing various choreographies in different settings, such as a dark alley, a neon-lit room, and a rooftop.

Hyoyeon has been pursuing a solo career as a singer-songwriter and DJ since 2016, under the stage name DJ HYO. She has released several singles and EPs, such as “Mystery,” “Wannabe,” “Sober,” “Punk Right Now,” “Badster,” “Dessert,” and “Second.” She is also a member of Girls’ Generation, one of the most popular and influential K-pop girl groups of all time.

Netizens’ Reactions to Hyoyeon’s Off-Season Fashion Choice

(Photo : Twitter|@GirlsGeneration) SNSD Hyoyeon
(Photo : Twitter|@GirlsGeneration)
SNSD Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon’s revelation about her off-season fashion choice has sparked various reactions from netizens online. Some of them are:

“I can relate to Hyoyeon so much. I also wear the same clothes for days when I’m at home.”

“Hyoyeon is so honest and funny. I love her personality.”

“Hyoyeon is such a queen. She can rock any outfit on stage or off stage.”

“Hyoyeon is so humble and down-to-earth. She doesn’t need to show off or pretend to be someone else.”

“Hyoyeon is amazing. She works hard during her on-season and enjoys her off-season. She knows how to balance her life.”

What do you think of Hyoyeon’s off-season fashion choice? Do you admire her honesty and personality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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