BLACKPINK Lisa’s Outfits Spark Controversy During Born Pink World Tour

BLACKPINK Lisa, the Thai rapper, singer and dancer of the popular K-pop girl group, has been making headlines for her outfits during the group’s ongoing Born Pink World Tour. Some fans and netizens have praised her for her bold and sexy style, while others have criticized her for being too revealing and vulgar.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Outfits During the Tour

(Photo : Twitter|@BLACKPINK)
(Photo : Twitter|@BLACKPINK)

The Born Pink World Tour is the second worldwide concert tour by BLACKPINK, which started in October 2022 and is set to end in September 2023. The tour is in support of their second Korean studio album Born Pink, which features the hit singles “Pink Venom” and “Lalisa”. The tour has visited 22 countries on four continents, and will conclude with a grand finale at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea.

During the tour, Lisa has worn various outfits that have attracted attention for their daring cuts and designs. Some of the most controversial ones include:

  • A black ensemble with a low-cut top and a skirt that exposed her underwear during a performance of “Kick It” in Los Angeles, USA. Lisa was seen adjusting her outfit several times to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.
  • A pink dress from the brand Manmade Skins that was altered by cutting off the white ruffles, making it shorter than the original version. Lisa wore this dress during a concert in New Jersey, USA, and showed off her legs and hips.
  • A black leather outfit with a crop top and pants that had slits on the sides, revealing her thighs and buttocks. Lisa wore this outfit during an encore show in San Francisco, USA, and caused a stir among the audience and online.

Reactions from Fans and Netizens

(Photo : twitter|@lonesomediary)
(Photo : twitter|@lonesomediary)

Lisa’s outfits have divided opinions among fans and netizens, who have expressed their views on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Weibo. Some of the reactions include:

  • Praise for Lisa’s confidence, charisma, and body. Many fans complimented Lisa for her stunning visuals, stage presence, and dancing skills. They also defended her right to wear whatever she wants and expressed their support for her artistic choices.
  • Criticism for Lisa’s stylist, YG Entertainment, and Lisa herself. Some netizens accused Lisa’s stylist of being unprofessional, irresponsible, and disrespectful to Lisa’s image and culture. They also blamed YG Entertainment for allowing such outfits to be worn on stage and not caring about Lisa’s well-being. Some even attacked Lisa directly for being cheap, vulgar, and attention-seeking.

Analysis of the Controversy

(Photo : twitter|@thelalisace)
(Photo : twitter|@thelalisace)

The controversy surrounding Lisa’s outfits can be seen as a reflection of the different cultural norms, values, and expectations regarding female sexuality and empowerment in the global music industry. Some of the factors that may influence the reactions are:

  • The contrast between Lisa’s “pink” and “black” sides. As a member of BLACKPINK, Lisa has shown both her cute and feminine side (“pink”) and her fierce and edgy side (“black”) through her music, performances, and fashion. However, some fans and netizens may prefer one side over the other or find it hard to accept both sides as part of her identity.
  • The influence of social media and online communities. With the advent of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Weibo, fans and netizens have more access to information and opinions about their favorite celebrities. They can also interact with each other and form online communities based on their shared interests and preferences. However, this also means that they are exposed to more criticism, hate, and cyberbullying from those who disagree with them or have different standards.
  • The diversity of cultural backgrounds and perspectives. As a global star who has fans from different countries and regions around the world, Lisa faces the challenge of appealing to a wide range of audiences who may have different tastes, preferences, and expectations regarding her music, performances, and fashion. What may be considered sexy or empowering in one culture may be seen as inappropriate or offensive in another.
(Photo : twitter|@BLACKPINK@)
(Photo : twitter|@BLACKPINK@)

Lisa’s outfits during the Born Pink World Tour have sparked controversy among fans and netizens who have different opinions on her style choices. While some have praised her for her confidence and charisma, others have criticized her for being too revealing and vulgar. The controversy can be seen as a result of the different cultural norms, values, and expectations regarding female sexuality and empowerment in the global music industry.

What do you think of Lisa’s outfits? Do you like them or not? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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